PLUS 8 EXHAUST 1972 TO 1976
by Lorne Goldman  & John Worrall

The 1972 original system is better than the first system used from 1968-1972. Of course, the cast manifolds still crack and rust and it is still limited by a single pipe and crossover problems but is easier to fit the excellent later (post 1976) 4 branch manifolds and twin system. Of course , the valances have to be cut for the downpipes to exit and the joint is very much on the valance of these narrow cars so the hole is not small. Ideally it would be good if it could be done with the wings and valences removed to make it is easier  to flange the latter for strength once it is marked out on the vehicle before the removal. The
centre steering column should also be removed for ease. Very little room to work otherwise. It also muchly upgraded the silencer to a longer, more freer flowing affair modeled after Chris Lawrence's on the LeMans' winning TOK 458.

These models also have an easy-to-fit the dual  Performance System ability that people swear by since! It has withstood the test of time.