Plus 8


by Ben Hodgkiss

I've just changed the clutch on my '72 4/4 which as I'm sure you're aware necessitates removing the
waterpump to create enough space for the engine to clear the gearbox output shaft. There was a bit of
play in the waterpump so I decided to change that at the same time.

No problem getting a new one, but the heater connector proved more of a problem. I admittedly left this far too late but I needed the car for this weekend having promised my four year old son a ride in it. The connector in the old pump was corroded very solidly into it and wouldn't budge. The factory is closed for another week (I only live a couple of miles away). The local Ford people looked at me like I came off Mars. I couldn't find anything in the local breakers. I desperation I went into a local DIY store. The 10mm end of a 15mm to 10mm reducing coupling for central heating fits perfectly(see attachment). I then put a short length of brass 15mm pipe in the 15mm compression fitting end and voila, job done. This is actually a better engineering solution than the original because even if the 10mm gets corroded into the pump, it will always be possible to unscrew the 15mm end. Looks good too.