donated by Roger Taton

1. A galvanised +4 chassis on trestles in the chassis erecting shop

2. Chassis with stainless bulkhead & inner wings, engine,gearbox, back axle,
frame front but as yet no drive shaft and no sliding pillar suspension

3.Fully assembled +4 chassis waiting to be moved to the body shop

4. Assembled 2-seater ash body frame with inner luggage space panel and
seat belt mountings

5. Complete ash door frame

6.Door frame with inner panelling attached

7. The panelled body tub.

8. Body tub fitted, doors attached and awaiting wings.

9. Rear wings attached, front wings in a rather unusual attitude!

10. Prepared and waiting in the paint shop.

11. On the paint shop trolley in primer.

12. Sitting in the dryer after application of final colour coats.

13. The painted car in the wiring shop

14. Further progress in the wiring shop

15. Trimming the inner quarter panels

16. Inner wing and rocker trimmed. The blue is the workshop floor!

17. Trimming a sports seat.

18. Fitting the instruments.

19. Walnut fascia board and steering column shroud/switches installed.

20. Waiting for Tony Monk to take it on its first outing wearing the famous Morgan trade plate.

21. In the despatch bay waiting for collection by Allon White & Son.

Photo signed by Peter Morgan