by Lenn Nelsen 2003 Anniversary Plus 8 and Lorne Goldman


The coolest airflow is found lowest to the ground. Therefore many have been happy with the effectiveness of a Morgan air scoop. This is an airflow device that replaces the cowl box at the front and forces cooler air in to the lower rad..where it is needed most.

It was designed three-four decades ago by the MMC development engineer, Maurice Owen. It assists in cooling at speeds over 30 mph and is a standard addtion on Morgan racers. It is sold by the MMC as an option (see image on right) and one can even be fashioned at home in aluminum sheet. (Instructions in Cutherbert Twillie's "A Yank in Malvern"). 

The Factory model is sold for £154.37  (inc.-VAT). and comes in black painted mild steel, an iffy copy. (you would be wiser to make one yourself) Over time, the paint chips and the metal rusts presenting an unattractive appearance.  However, a few years ago, John Worrall at Heart of England Morgans was prevailed upon by fans to create a vastly upgraded version in mirror polished stainless steel. (See image at the left). It can be had from Heart of England, Simmonds or Brands Hatch Morgan. The price with stainless fittings or spacers when required is £150.00.


The scoops (MMC or HofE) are straight swap-ons for everything prior to 2001. However, in 2001 (?), the MMC altered the taper of the inner wings (valences) and the cowlbox to match. The front is the same, but the sides taper differently, splaying out a bit at the rear or an inch at each side. This has caused some frustration as post-2003 onwers also want to avail themselves of an easy-to-fit cowlbox/aircoop.

The answer turned out to be simple. With some hints from a similar installation in Germany, Lenn Nelsen in the US successfuly installed a Heart of England Scoop using supplied stainless spacers.


The idea is to use the spacers at the rear to make up for the new valence shape. The only care that must be taken is in properly measring the spacers for your cut as one side of each of the two spacers must be cut and angled. Here is how it is done illustrated by Lenn's images.

Now trace the old scoop on a piece of paper and then line up and trace the new scape within that space. Make note on the tracing where the slots for the screws are on the new scoop

Now cut or grind the spacers to match the measurements you have made and simply fit your spacers between the new cowlbox and the valences. Fit the bolts through the cowlbox, the spacers the washers and the valennces. Use nylocs nuts or nuts with a lock washer. (A touch of Loctite blue is always helpful if you have some handy).
I want to provide a public thank you to Lorne for his great invaluable knowledge and warm assistance in helping me to install my new air scoop.  Without his help, this seemingly simple task would've stayed on the shelf for another year as I would've been in the dark, as usual.
Lorne, thanks.  You da man!

And many thanks to Lenn for the photos and his help for all of us. Lorne The GoMoG Webmaster