Plus 8 Clutch Kit (1977 to 2004) (Also used on the Rover Plus 4s from 1987 to 2000)
by Lorne Goldman

The original clutch for the Plus 8 is the same one that was fitted to Rover Sd1. Morgan used the clutch throughout its LT77 and R380 gearbox eras. It is a Borg & Beck affair (part no. HK9690)

From the Borg & Beck Catalogue Date Range Type Diam. Splines: No, OD x ID Part No.

        3.5 Motor 3528cc V8 16v OHVM Engine code: 38A, 39A 155bhp 3500M RWDM 06/76-10/86

Engine: 38A, 39A BHP 06/76 - 01/84 3 in 1 241mm 23, 26.3mm x 23.3mm HK 8899
Slave Cylinder BES 200
Slave Cylinder BES 200
Engine: 38A, 39A BHP 01/84 - 10/86 3 in 1 240mm 23, 26.6mm x 23.5mm HK 9690
Slave Cylinder BES 200
Slave Cylinder BES 200 

        3.5 injected Motor 3528cc V8 16v OHVM Engine code: 30A, 31A 190bhp 3500M RWDM 10/82-10/86M

Engine: 30A, 31A BHP 10/82 - 10/86 3 in 1 240mm 23, 26.6mm x 23.5mm HK 9690 
Slave Cylinder BES 200
It normally comes in a kit of three parts, the friction plate, the clutch cover and the release bearing. At some point in the 1990s, the original metal-faced release bearing was changed to a more modern neoprene bearing and I advise you to use it. It is much quieter. Otherwise, the standard clutch is a good one and easily able to stand the rigors of sport car driving indefinitely. Even with 100bhp+ more than a standard +8, I have never worn one out. "Upgraded or "heavy-duty) clutches for the Plus 8 are VERY stiff. That being said, I often advise people to change the clutch whenever they happen to have the engine out for any reason. Who wants to remove an engine 5000 miles before you have to for something as mundane as a clutch?!!

The reason for this article is that I am appalled at the market (once again). Prices for the same kit now range from 50£ to 286£ (at today's rates that is $75 to $725 US!!!).  Let me give you some search info. Here are the UK equivalents and part # swaps.

                                       BORG & BECK HK9690

                                               Analogous Parts and Other Cars

I normally check out the British suppliers and then examine what is offered on But after all these years, I finally know what I am looking for. I hope the information here arms you better than most are. This part's pricing makes no sense any more.

Good Luck!

And if that doesn't work, drop me a line and I will send you in the right direction.