Installing Windscreen Frame

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Originally written: January 1999

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This article comes from a discussion on the Morgan mailing list. Dave wrote asking:

"Morganeers, I am seeking advice on the best way to proceed with the installation of windscreen frame and hood. The body frame and hood are new, consequently no snaps or mounting holes have been made. Should I start from the windscreen and work backward, or should I install snaps on body and hood and work forward. Based on careful observation of photos, the windscreen frame angle and bonnet angle are not the same. Does anyone know if this is a true or false assumption? Also, should glass be installed within the frame at the time of mounting?

Morgan dittos,


Should I consider mounting the sidescreens as an aide in determining the correct angle and location of windscreen to scuttle? "

Greg Solow (of Greg Solow's Engine Room - 125 Front St.; Santa Cruz, Ca. 95060 - (831) 429-1800) replied:

The glass should absolutely be in the frame when the frame is mounted on to the car and when the holes are located and drilled. The rubber seal under the windshield frame should also be in place. What we do is make a pattern off of the old body with a large piece of butcher paper and transfer the hole locations that way. Then mark the body and try the windshield in that location before you drill any holes. If the side curtain mounts are on the doors that may give additional reference but on a new body with hung doors I don't believe that they are.

Regards, Greg Solow

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