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Roadster rear cap strips
©By: Bob Nogueira

Originally written: August 1999

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From: David Burkette

Subject: alloy strips on back panel

Fellow Morganeers,

My problem today concerns mounting the two alloy strips on the rear deck of my '60 plus 4.

I am pondering the best approach that should be taken in attaching these strips without overdue working of strips that may damage the finish of said strips.

  • 1. Should I fit the strips from the bottom up? - then trim the top edge?
  • 2. Should mounting holes be pre-drilled?
  • 3. What is commonly the approximate distance between each drill hole?
  • 4. I have already attached the rear deck. On the old wheel arch, I've noted that there are large screws attaching the wood body frame that supports the back panel. Could these screw heads present a problem when locating screw holes in each alloy strip.
I appreciate any insight you might share on the subject.



I have always trimmed the top to fit, bent the 1/2 round to fit, trim the bottom and then drilled the holes. I have found that using Drip Check (a 3M product) between the 1/2 round and body keeps the rear panel from rusting under the 1/2 round. ( I also paint the panel under the 1/2 round), I have always filled the screw holes with bondo and painted them. Tapering the edges of the hole and insuring that they do not have sharp corners will prevent the "popping" of the screw heads.

I do however also like them polished.

Bob Nogueira

I also like them polished - it really makes the rear deck stand out. When I polished mine, I used stainless steel pan head wood screws to hold them down.)

When installing ones to be painted, we installed them unpainted so the paint didn't crack. We had painted all the body panels and after reinstalling the sheet metal for the quarter panels, rear deck, and edge channels, we were ready to install the cap strips. We ran a bead of clear silicon calk down the seam between the rear deck and the edge channels to seal the wood and metal that would be under the cap strips. Then we installed the cap strips starting at the bottom of the rear deck, and puttied the screw heads. Finally, we taped off the rear deck, leaving only the cap strips exposed and spray painted the cap strips with an air brush.

John T. Blair (WA4OHZ)

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