Electronic ignition for 1971 +8

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From: Kerry Seibert"

The item number for the Mallory breakerless, magnetic, distributor with vac advance for our cars (early +8 engines) is : 5764301. This is the same application as the early ca. 1961 Buick 215. This is NOT the same as the later Rover V8 (ie no. 4768901). I know, I got the wrong dizzy the first time I ordered (Mallory's fault, they insisted it was the correct item). I also ordered a spare cap, rotor, power module, and ballast resistor. I put their Active Power Filter (item no. 29351) in line to help guard against power surges/spikes which could fry the $$$$ module. The most important thing you can REMEMBER is to NOT jump start your car with the ignition hooked up. Bye-bye module. Disconnect battery and charge IT! There is a wealth of info, wiring diagrams, tech tips, etc on both Mallory's homepage AND on the Century Performance homepage. Good stuff to read and then print out and carry with you in your car. I also tied-in the MSD box no. 6420, hidden discretely up under the dash in the passenger compartment. This box comes with little "plugs" with various rpms written on them so you can avoid over-revving your engine. Other rpm value plugs are available. Buy the soft mount accessory kit. You do not need the MSD box if you choose not to have it, the Mallory dist works fine on its own. You should also use a coil compatible with the Mallory or a Blaster coil if you incorporate the MSD. Again, there are all sorts of diagrams, etc. on these sites to help explain how everything goes together. Believe me, If I can figure it out, anyone can! Lastly, this setup works for me. I know others are using different Mallory dist (dual point) and packages/combinations so others opinions/experiences are welcome.

Cheers, Craig Seibert 1961 4/4 1968+8

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