+4 Timing Chain Cover Gasket Replacement

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Originally Written: Circa 1998

Last update: June 23, 2009

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This article comes from a discussion on the Morgan mailing list. Nelson Warner owner of a '61 +4 4 seater wrote saying:

" One of this Winters projects is to replace the timing chain cover gasket on my '61 TR powered +4. The question is: Does the engine have to be removed to replaced the gasket? "

Jerry Murphy replied:


I replaced mine with the engine installed. Mine had a bad seal around the crank pulley and it slung oil all over the place. The fine mist of oil building up on the windscreen was a sure tipoff that something was amiss.

Remove the cowl and radiator for easier access. Good time to have the radiator serviced and replace all the hoses and belt. Even better, it's a good time to switch to a narrow pulley system, retrofit an alternator, install an electric fan and fabricate some air dams to make sure all the air available passes through the radiator, not around it.

You might want to replace the timing chain tensioner while you've got it open. These wear. Also, mark the timing pulley so you'll put it back indexed correctly on the crankshaft. I missed this last step and gave myself a little more work to do the next time I set the timing.

Don Sforza added:

No, but a ton of stuff DOES have to be removed... waterpump, front pulley, etc, etc. While you're in there, replace the tensioner, and the seal on the crankshaft where it comes through the cover. There is a piece available called a "Reddi-Sleve" or some such thing (available from MOSS and TRF) that fits over the crankshaft to firm up that seal. Typically the TR cranks get a grove there and it leaks... and no coaxing from a new seal helps. If you can feel a grove with your fingernail, do the sleeve.

Don Sforza KA1WV

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