+4 Water Pumps

Originally Written: Circa 1998

Last update: June 22, 2009 - Reformatted page & corrected my email address

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John Rogers wrote:

The water pump on my 65 +4 is making complaining noises and the spindle wobbles a bit so my conclusion is that I need a new one. The first place I looked was the Moss catalogue, the price was not too bad. I then looked in my Morgan Spares catalogue ( nice publication with great diagrams). The pictures didn't look exactly the same. The next place I went to was the Morgan List Archive (what a resource!) and found 43 related articles. It would appear that Morgans were fitted with water pumps that were modified in some way from the original TR design and that a TR replacement apparently would not do the job.

Reported differences include pulley size and type, bearings size, impeller dimensions etc. My (old) pump does not appear original, not having the grease fitting found on original equipment but would seem to be an aftermarket version, possibly a TR. The pulley is held on by a nut on the end of the shaft and the fan is bolted to the front of the pulley. However the fan belt is well aligned with the dynamo and crankshaft so I don't appear to have any of the problems I've heard about shafts being different lengths. Before I spend good money on buying the wrong part, does anyone have any further knowledge or experience the can shed on this issue?

John Rogers
65 +4

Gerry Willburn writes:

The only difference between the Triumph water pump and that used on the Plus 4 is the pulley which is exactly as you describe. Triumph had the fan on the crankshaft end. The older water pumps had a tapered shaft with a keyway for the pulley. This is what you require. You just replace the Triumph pulley with your old one. Some of the newer replacement pumps had the pulley "pinned" on. This makes replacement of the pulley more difficult. Check with Moss. If they can supply the tapered end shaft, go for it.


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