Electronic ignition for a +4

Formatted for SOL's Morgan Web Page by John T. Blair (WA4OHZ)

Originally written: Circa 2000

Last updated: June 17, 2009

Hello all,

I just wanted to report that last year when I was hot and heavy into getting some reliability in the '56 Plus 4, I wanted to install the Pertronix ignition that I'd acquired from Morgan Spares many months before. It was sold to me as a potential solution, but no one knew whether it would fit. I procrastinated and dawdled with other things until the magic day that I expected to drop the electronic ignition in and crank it up.

It didn't fit. The breaker/base plate was a different configuration.

I called Pertronix and explained my problem and asked if there was anything they could do? They told me to ship them the unit and the original distributor and they would take care of it. They turned the completed installation around within a week and shipped the set up back all at no charge. They explained that they frequently do "one offs" and did this work in order to add to their product offerings. This template now is in their database, so all of you with a Plus 4/TR 2 should take advantage. The Lucas distributor model number is important. The unit runs beautifully and is fully contained in the housing. It carries a full warranty from Pertronix as they did the modification, something that wouldn't have happened if I'd tried it on my own. I even converted to a negative ground at that time (important that they know this).

I highly recommend them as they took very good care of me.

Steve Dreiseszun
Phoenix, AZ

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