M35G Starter Rebuild Kits

©From: Bob Sanders

Originally Written: Circa 2001

Last update: June 27, 2009 - Reformatted page

Hi John,

After many weeks of using your lists I am finally able to make a payback. My 1964 4/4 has a Lucas Starter M35G as indicated for one of the adjacent years on your parts list. Your list does not note that there is a starter gear KIT available fore this starter. It is made by WAI (Weatherhill Associates Inc), as part number 54-9209. It contains the "pinion gear (starter gear); the spiral gear on which it rides, a new spring, a centeriung washer and spring clip. Note that WAI does NOT use the M35G as a model number, I found mine under the number 25083F which is also stamped onto the Lucas case (The parts man said the last letter is irrelevant as they all take the same kit).

Installation: Clarke's Morgan Four owners workshop manual has a diagram of a starter on p.142, it indicates a NUT at the end of the shaft. NOT SO on mine or others covered in this kit; the gear and spring are held onto the shaft by a circle-spring clip. In my case, the expanded tip of the shaft was slightly deformned so that I had to file it down a hair to get the parts off (and on), Also there was a little burr on the shaft where the gear sits that also needed relief. Other than that, a 5 minute job.

Incidently, I am told by two sources that that model Lucas starter was used in FORD tractors, so parts should be available in farm country.

Keep up the great work on your articles. You are doing us a great favor. Topics I'd like to see:

1) Hints of how to raise the "top"......or how to stretch an old shrunken one.
(Stretching and old to is difficult. But the tops shrink when they get cold. My Morgan has always lived at my parents house, both when I lived there, and after I moved out. They had oil forced hot air. So what I do, when it's cold outside, is to take the top in the house and set it under a heat register. Their registers are mounted vertically in the walls, but near the floor. I'd let the top stay there for several hours. Then take it out and try to put it on.

You might try heating the top with an electric hair dryer also. Just be careful you don't want to get it too hot, especially the plastic windows.)

2) How to do the interior...scaled templates would be nice. Actually my son may be doing this for me on the '66 +4 I have at Bristol Motors. He's an architect and if he does it I'll have him leave scaled patterns...
(Any takers? Anyone have their interior out to make patterns from? If so, after you have them drawn up, if you'll email them to me, I'll put them up on this web page.)

Best regards,
Bob Sanders

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