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Radiator removal

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The following is a discussion from the Morgan mailing list about removing the radiator.

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From: John Rogers
To: "Morgans"

I need to remove the radiator from my 1965 +4 (TR4A) for repairs. The conventional wisdom seems to be to take it out from the top which involves removal of bonnet & cowl. There appears to be space to drop it out the bottom with a lot less fuss and this would seem to be a simpler solution. Maybe I'm missing something. If anyone has any experience with this, I would appreciate some advice. Thanks.

John Rogers
65 +4


From: Greg Solow
To: Morgans

Your radiator will come out the bottom quite easily: (ED: If you have an oil cooler installed, it might be easier to remove the nose and bonnett - jtb)

    a. Remove the Grill and the box at the base of the grill.
    b. Jack up the car and turn the steering wheel all the way to the right so the
        drag link is hard against the frame front.
    c. Drain the cooling system and remove the hoses.
    d. Disconnect the temp sensor wire (if equiped) and the upper radiator support rod at the radiator.
    e. Remove the lower radiator mount bolts and rubber bushings.
You should now be able to remove the radiator bringing it down and forward.

It may be helpful to have two friends help by "spreading " the grill opening slightly by simultaneously pulling up on the top outer edges of both front fenders if the radiator seems to be to tight a fit to clear the valence panels as they come forward to the base of the grill.

     Greg Solow


From: Joseph DeLuca
To: Morgans Subject: RE: TAKING OUT A RADIATOR


I'm also an advocate of the 'down and out" approach.

I've noticed from the different responses that the SNUGNESS of the radiator in the cowl varies quite a bit. (EVERYTHING varies from one Morgan to another). It might explain why some folks can extract the unit more easily than others.

One fellow said he could rotate his rad sideways inside the cowl. I sure can't. That baby is wedged in there so tight, up or down are my only options with no room for turning the rad about on it's vertical axis. I always lose a lot paint and generate lots of scraping noises on removal (not to mention the cussing) due to the snugness.

So, down it is, tilting the bottom of the unit towards the back of the auto as it descends. It ends up with the front face of the rad flat on the floor with the top aimed towards the front of the car.

The last time I did this (twice last month) I made a step-by-step pencil drawing to remind me how to solve the Chinese puzzle the next time.


Joe DeLuca
Sparta, NJ
'62 yellow 4/4 competition model
Morgan 3/4 Group, USA

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