Intro to the Bedside Reader

by: Fred Sissons

This page last modified: 02/11/98

The "Bedside Reader" is a totally revised/much expanded in content/condensed in physical size and replaces the older "Notes from a Morgan Garage", both books by Fred Sissons.

The Bedside Reader is probably 70% new material. As I added to "Notes-" it grew to over 500 pages!!!! Unmanageable size and a lot of the original stuff I was dissatisfied with.

The Bedside Reader has a different title 'cuz it is a different book.

The Bedside Reader is a different format, more chapters, total re-written, new illustrations- way beyond Notes... as always- If the purchaser does not agree that this is the best, most valuable single book available on living with, and maintaining a Morgan- I don't want them to keep it.

It is a "no-brainier" purchase. Either you love it- or return it. (Never had one returned).

Where else are you going to find the dimensions for matching the rods on a 100E engine for shell bearings, step-by-step on rebuilding a Moss box, where to purchase herringbone/lacquered wire in original color codes, how to pre-oil a TR engine, where to have copper headgaskets made, how to protect your old girl with a fusible link, how to replace your wiper blades for $3.00 and have them really work, How to install a diaphragm clutch in your +4, alternator conversion- several ways, proper chain size and source for a three-wheeler, 3HA/Studebaker gears, difference and source of Grade 8 stainless nuts & bolts, how to de-camber, numbers for seals/bearings, where to get aluminum brake drums, converting to tandem master cylinder for safety, what synthetic oil works with bronze wormwheels, where to have your wiring harness loomed, part number for a Ford Nut (proper for fuel pump line), fitting off-the-shelf aluminum radiators, ignition theory, differences in types of electronic ignitions, how to understand dash size Aeroquip, difference in Aeroquip & Earls fittings, best way to cut stainless hose, checking coolant speed to cure high-speed overheating, complete explanation of spiral-wound battery technology, how to set +4 valves in ten minutes or less, how to install a solenoid for brighter lights, audible turn signal indicator, how to install overdrive in Moss-box cars, Volkswagen wheels, proper indexing of the U- joints, how to make a tool to remove the cotter on front splined axles, alignment pins to aid in engine/transmission installation... and on and on


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