JACKING POINTS (Point de levage)
by Jean-Frederic Frot



Lift the front wheels by placing the jack in the middle of the lower tube of the crossframe. Place the the two stands under the tube between the chassis and the wheel (see image).  Slowly lower the car onto the stands. As a precaution, unless you need that area, always leave the jack in position as an extra safety measure.

On lève les deux roues avant en plaçant le cric au milieu du tube inferieur du croisillon. et les chandelles sous le tube entre le châssis et la roue.

WATCHPOINT:  These jackpoints might not apply to cars made after 2004.  GoMoG does not specifically address or track Morgans made after 2004 unless indicated..



At the rear, the jack is placed in the middle of the rear cross member and the stands are placed under the frame rails just forward of the transom. Again  unless you need that area, always leave the jack in position as an extra safety measure.

Pour l'arrière, on place le cric au milieu de la traverse arrière et les chandelles sous les longerons de châssis juste en avant de la traverse.  
WATCHPOINT: It is unsafe to trust your health or that of your Morgan to a jack only. If you are required to jack the car roadside, remove a wheel and place it under the frame where you are working. If the jack fails or slips, the car will fall on the wheel/tyre. 

Jacking With a Lift
by GoMoG


Jacking Roadside
by GoMoG

On occasion, the Auto Gods may require you to jack your car roadside. This requires special precautions because of the uncertainty of the road surface and the lack of jack stands and the inadequacy of the normal car jack. We recommend you first remove your spare and place it under the car at the jacking point. This trick has often been a life and car saver. If your jack slips the car will settle onto the tyre rather the ground or you. 

We also suggest that you wedge rocks under the front and rear of the tyres to prevent the car moving while you work. VIDEO