In 2008, I reluctantly realized that the frequent undocumented changes in the Morgan Classics models were too frequent to reliably track. Accordingly, I have restricted the information posted to Morgans 4-wheelers from 1950 to 2000, whose owners seem more capable of the traditional mechanical interaction with their Morgans. I have been asked to make exceptions and I do. I have hoped that those with pre-1950, cars would contact me for the information I took down from the site, but no contact as yet. I have also retained the original Aero 8 Indexes, files and documentation. They are free for anyone that wants them. If help is needed, they remain in archives but unposted. In the case of overseas Roadsters,  I have been asked by the Roadster Group to host their experiences and data in a special section in the Manual under that title.

The GoMoG archives do contain much more information, many multiples of what is posted both for the noted era and all others. I will keep posting on a priority basis. But if you have a specfic need, I may well be able to help you offline.


Vintage Three-Wheelers are brilliantly covered by the Morgan Three Wheeler Club  I heartily recommend all trike owners to become members if only for practical support, part-sourcing and their wonderful group wisdom (tho their noggins are reason enough!