The size and labor required to maintain the Manual necessitates some
limits to its scope. I have restricted the information posted online Manual
to Classic Morgans 4-wheelers from 1950 to 2000, whose owners seem to
have a higher degree of traditional mechanical interaction with their cars. As
well, the multiplicity of changes, both permanent and transitory since 2003
make it an onerous task to track them, though in certain key areas, I have
been asked to make exceptions.

The GoMoG archives do contain much more unposted information,
both for this era and others along with other models. I will keep posting on a
priority basis. But if you have a specfic need, I may well be able to help
you offline.

Vintage Three-Wheelers are brilliantly covered by the Morgan Three Wheeler Club  I heartily recommend all trike owners to become members if only for practical support, part-sourcing and their wonderful group wisdom (tho their noggins are reason enough!